Our flying team

All our pilots highly experienced and are in full time employment in the aviation industry, and therefore only fly for the team on a part time basis.

Because of this, we have a pool of seven pilots in the team, with in excess of 60,000 hours between them. They all of have aviation in their blood and are amongst “the best of the best” in the sport of aerobatics in South Africa and we are proud of each and every one of them.


glen-wardenGlen Warden: Team Leader

A British Airways/Comair Boeing 737 Training Captain with over 14,000 flying hours.

A former fighter pilot with the South African Air Force flying the Aermacchi MB326, Mirage and Cheetah jet aircraft, and remains active in the South African Air Force Museum Flight, displaying the Mirage CZ III , the Vampire T11 and the Texan T6. He also spent time as an exchange pilot with the Chilean Air Force flying Mirage 50’s, F-5 E Tigers and A-37 Dragonfly. He is also a civilian jet instructor and display authorisation examiner on the L-29 Delfin, L-39 Albatros, BAC Strikemaster, and T-2 Buckeye. He has also qualified for National Colours in the advanced aerobatic class, representing South Africa at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships.


dennis-spenceDennis Spence: Team Owner and Reserve Leader

One of the modern day pioneers of airshow display flying in South Africa, Dennis is a South African Airways Airbus A340 Senior Captain (retired) with in excess of 26000 flying hours, of which over 3500 is on the Pitts Special alone. He has been the owner and operator of the Team since 1985, and represented South Africa in the first Advanced World aerobatic championships in 1995, obtaining South African National colours. Although technically retired from the airline business, with his passionate involvement in the aviation sector, he still works as an airline training captain, plowing back his wealth of experience into the airline industry.


neil-trollipNeil Trollip: Wingman

A South African Airways A340 pilot, with over 13500 flying hours. He served in the South African Air Force as a fighter Pilot flying the Aeromacchi (Impala) and the Mirage, and was the South African Air Force Mirage display pilot from 1995 to 1997.




johan-von-solmsJohan Von Solms: Wingman

A South African Airways A340 pilot, with over 13500 flying hours. He served in the South African Air Force as a fighter Pilot flying the Aeromacchi MB326(Impala) and the Cheetah. He was the 8 Squadron Impala display pilot in 1993 and a 2 Squadron Cheetah display pilot during 1995 and 1996.




nigel-hopkinsNigel Hopkins: Wingman

An Airline Transport Pilots Licence with 16000 flying hours, flying for South African Airways as an Airbus A319/A320 Fleet Training Captain. Nigel also holds a Grade one flying Instructors rating and is a South African CAA designated Flight Examiner, and instructs and examines aerobatics. He has flown 123 different aircraft types
holds a South African CAA test Pilot rating.

A twice South African National Aerobatic Champion, he holds multiple other aviation awards including being seven times South African National Rally Flying Champion, and a record three Aeroclub of South Africa Pilot of the year awards.



Graham FieldGraham Field

Graham has 26 years skydiving experience with his first jump in 1987 in the town of Klerksdorp South Africa. He has over 6600 skydives and has skydived over 5 continents and in more than 40 of the World’s Countries in various World Competitions and skydiving events. Some ratings held include Accelerated Freefall Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Professional Exhibition Rating, Jumpmaster and Coach Ratings in several Skydiving Disciplines. He is Chief Instructor and Drop Zone Operator at two major South African Dropzones as well as running Africa’s leading Aerial Entertainment Company – AerialFX . Graham’s skydiving highlights include the then World’s largest skydiving formation of 216 jumpers in Bratislava Slovakia in 1994, representing South Africa in 2 World Skydiving Championships and holds 32 South African National Titles in skydiving. Other highlights include display jumps for the Inauguration of several South African Presidents including Nelson Mandela, display jumps at many of the World’s largest sporting events such as the Rugby and football World Cups and many major Airshows throughout Africa and Worldwide. Graham led the Skydiving Team for The Goodyear Eagles pioneering the signature inverted skydive sequence which formed part of the world unique three aircraft inverted exit skydive first performed at the Al Ain Airshow in 2010.


Amy ShawAmy Shaw

At the age of 16 Amy, who hails from Port Elizabeth, started skydiving at EP Skydivers in Grahamstown, South Africa. Since then she has done over 700 skydives and 400 base jumps in more than 20 countries around the world. Her favourite sport is big wall wing suit base jumping which has taken her to countries like Norway, Switzerland and Italy.

Professionally, Amy holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence with 3,700 hours. She works with South African aviation service provider Air-Tec as a contract pilot for humanitarian organisations around Africa. Her work in this field has lead her to countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Sudan and Ethiopia.

Amy has a passion for travel, and the unique locations and people her sport and professional life lead her to encounter.

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