Photoshoot with the Huawei Twisters

Flying over the Al Ain desert, and who did we happen to come across…why our friends the Huawei Twisters, of course! And even better, we had some cameras with us…see the resulting shots below!

The Twisters’ pyro display is another standout from this spectacular show.

First display at Al Ain – done!

Well what a first day of the Al Ain Air Show that was – what an honour to take part.

Our display went like clockwork and we felt it was well received.  Here’s Amy just after leaving the Pitts as part of the double drop!

photoEveryone on the programme was fantastic, but stand out was definitely the Red Arrows from the UK – an absolutely outstanding display.


Meeting the patron of the Al Ain Air Show!

We were honoured today to meet Sultan Al Muhairi, patron of this fabulous airshow.

We also flew a practice display, including Amy’s inverted drop, which we hope to bring you some footage of soon.

Tomorrow is validation day – more practices including the famous inverted double para drop!

Al Ain Practice Days

Things are definitely hotting up, with more teams arriving, and lots of practice going on.

Here Amy can be seen reherseing her exit from one of our Pitts Specials – we’ll fly the inverted drop for real.

photo 5A few more pictures of some of our friends, including the Saudi Hawks, the Breitling Wingwalkers and the Huawei Twisters.


Four days until Air Show day!

With four days to go until the start of the Al Ain Air Show, we’re pleased to say that all our aeroplanes are assembled, serviceable and successfully test flown.

Both our skydivers have arrived, and the other pilots get here tomorrow, in preparation for validation day on Friday.

With the weather forecasts for the show looking good, we can’t wait to get going!

Danielle, one of the Breitling wingwalkers, tries one of our Pitts Specials for size!

Danielle, one of the Breitling wingwalkers, tries one of our Pitts Specials for size!

Busy times getting ready for Al Ain!

With less than a week to go until the start of the Al Ain Aerobatic Show, we’ve been busy getting the aeroplanes ready to fly.

They arrived (crated!) last Wednesday, and by Saturday afternoon three were assembled, and test flown on Sunday morning.  Minor trim adjustments needed on all three, as expected.  The fourth aeroplane, ZS-MZY, will be test flown today.

We’ve also been helping our friends at The Brietling Wingwalkers get their aeroplanes ready.

Exciting times!

Al Ain airshow line up

Here’s the final line up for Al Ain. What a privilege it is for us and South Africa to be present at an Air Show with some of the top teams in the world!

Al Fursan – UAE National Display Team
F-16 and Mirage 2000 from the UAE Air Force
Red Arrows – UK National Display Team
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon
Saudi Hawks – Saudi National Display Team
Royal Jordanian Falcons – Jordanian National Display Team
Miss Demeanour – Hawker Hunter
Breitling Wingwalkers
Goodyear Eagles
Red Bull Matadors
Huawei Twister Team
Zoltan Veres
Indy Boys Inc – Jet Powered School Bus



Shipping the aeroplanes for Al Ain

In preparation for the team taking part in the 2013 Al Ain International Aerobatic Show, we have dismantled the aeroplanes, and they’re now on their way to the United Arab Emirates.

The aircraft were put into the containers on 11 October, and were shipped to Khalifa Port Abu Dhabi, via Durban.  They are scheduled to dock on 10 November, then go to Al Ain by road.

The technical team  lead by Dennis Spence, with Albert Hemsted, Peter van Rensburg, Andrew Nunn and Jacob Mabulatana  leave Johannesburg for Al Ain on 17 November, via Abu Dhabi, on Etihad Airlines, to re-assemble and test fly the aircraft, before the other team members arrive on the 27 November.